Athletics Betting Tips

Athletics Betting Tips

Athletics is not generally a huge sport when it comes to betting but major events like the Olympics and various world championships can generate a high level of interest and excitement. It is so easy to understand how to bet on athletics since it is practically a simple and straightforward manner, with most bets focused on who will win any given event. Aside from the Olympics and World Championships, other popular athletics competitions are the Universiade, Paralympic Games, and European Teams Championships.

Continental meetings such as the European Championships and Asian Games also have athletics in the programme that attracts massive media mileage. In the subsequent section, you will find how to bet on athletics and its numerous betting types. Here are some of the most common types of athletics betting:

Event Outright Betting

In outright betting on athletics, a punter will picks who will win any specified event at a particular tournament or championship.

Understanding Winner ‘Betting Without’

If one athletics event is dominated by one competitor, markets are offered for bettors with the said favored competitor excluded from the betting. Anyone either winning or finishing second to the dominant athlete is adjudged the winner.

Understanding Bet Award Winners

Bet Award Winners or commonly called as ‘To Win Medal Betting’ is one form where one simply bets if any given athlete will win a medal, just like podium betting in a Formula One race.

Understanding Special Bet

Several special bet types of athletics betting are also available in athletics among them whether an athlete will break a world record, set a new milestone or win a number of events. Then there is also the “team specials bets’’,a type of special betting on where one picks whether one country can get more medals than another.


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